Cultural & Social Inclusion

We believe that cultural exchange is the path to community integration. We encourage social and cultural participation through:

  • Cultural & Sports Activities: Organizing inclusive events to encourage cultural exchange.
  • Media Workshops: Offering creative outlets through film, podcast, and photography workshops.
  • Project & Workshop Exhibitions: Showcasing participants’ talents to foster community pride.
  • Public Advocacy: Raising awareness and advocating for migrant rights.
  1. Cultural and sports activities: We organize various cultural and sports events such as music concerts, dance performances, and sports tournaments. These events bring together people from different cultures and backgrounds, allowing them to learn from each other and build friendships.
  2. Film, podcast, and photography workshops: We offer workshops on various forms of media such as film-making, podcasting, and photography. These workshops provide an opportunity for participants to express themselves creatively and to share their stories with the wider community.
  3. Projects and workshop exhibitions: We organize projects and workshop exhibitions where participants can showcase their skills and talents. These exhibitions help to foster a sense of community and pride among participants.
  4. Public appearances and lobbying: We encourage our participants to share their experiences and stories with the wider community. We organize public appearances and lobbying events to raise awareness about the challenges faced by asylum seekers and refugees and to advocate for their rights.

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