Immediate Assistance

We are there when crisis strikes, providing immediate aid to refugees and asylum seekers.

Food and NFI Distribution:

Offering essential items to those most in need.

Medical & Dental Care

Partnering with local healthcare providers to ensure physical health needs are met.

Psychological Aid & Mental Health Support

Providing emotional support and professional counseling to address trauma.

Translation Services & Legal Assistance:

Bridging the language gap to improve access to services and

Navigating the complexities of migration laws and regulations.

Long-Term Integration

Language Learning: Offering Bosnian and English language classes.
Skill Training & Job Market Preparation
Social Entrepreneurship & Employment:
Product & Service Support

Cultural and social integration

Cultural and social integration is a vital part of our long-term integration program for asylum seekers and refugees. We believe that by promoting cultural exchange and social inclusion, we can help individuals and communities thrive. Here are some of the activities we offer:

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