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Daily Integration Center INTERGreat

The Daily Integration Center INTERgreat is providing direct and systematic assistance and inclusion in society true providing legal support, language learning and education, employment assistance, housing, mental health and psychosocial support, workshops, health emergency response, as well as social, cultural and sport inclusion.

Through intensive and individual support to provide assistance to persons affected by migration and to provide the possibility of better support in the asylum and legal status process in BiH. We want to include all people who intend to help, through our services and programs.

Our Mission

Supporting asylum seekers in Bosnia & Hercegovina by providing direct and long term assistance through our resources in the integration centre.



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Programs and Workshops

Bosnian Classes

With education and organization workshops we want to raise inclusion in society for people on the move and asylum seekers in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Through our programs we prepare their economic independence by developing their skills with the goal of long term integration and possibilities in the job market, etc.

Community Dinner

There are many activities for connecting people in the daily integration center, our favorite activity is to cook together traditional food from all around the world. In Bosnia you can’t easily find restaurants or hotels where you can taste food from different parts of the world. We are making a unique traditional food workshop where people in our community can learn and participate to cook different meals

Summer activities

During the summer period, we will carry out a program of summer activities at INTERgreat Center, in collaboration with our partner Collective Aid. This program will include English and Bosnian language classes, Football matches and cooking together evenings.

The activities are open for people on the move and asylum seekers in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The aim is to combine the learning of knowledge with the development of practical skills, as well as moments of recreation.

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You are welcome to visit us and try a unique  experience  in our Community Dinner.

you are welcome to visit us and try a unique  experience  in our community Dinner

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If you like the idea and love football, you can join us every Saturday when we have friendly games and trainings.

We play in a relaxed atmosphere, you can meet people from all over the world and thus support the project "world travelers football team" The idea is to give a chance to get out of the harsh everyday life, meet new people and create interaction with the local community through playing and training.

Every Saturday, training and friendly matches are held alternately in which persons of migration origin, volunteers and friends from local and international organizations attend. After the field, we hang out in our day center and exchange experiences about food and culture and build friendships.

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weekend Event

Summer Activities

Football brings people together. With our regular football games and training sessions, we bring people of different backgrounds together. Through physical activity, team spirit, and fun, people grow together and can exchange even without words.

Community Dinner

The best way to bring people together is through our regular community dinner. on these evenings we cook and eat together dishes from around the world and come together to create a community, where people feel welcome and can exchange their experiences and learn about different food traditions.
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private Sessions


Providing psychosocial and mental health support for people affected with migration.
Identifying and providing assistance to persons who have experienced any type of gender-based
violence, psychosocial interventions in disorders caused by the use of psychoactive substances

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Volunteering can be a very enriching and fulfilling activity in which you can show solidarity and make an essential personal contribution. Simultaneously, you receive incomparable experiences and gain new knowledge and skills in various fields.

However, it is also important to bring some specific skills, motivation, and enough time to use those abilities in a helpful and supportive manner.

Working with asylum seekers and refugees is something very special and can be very meaningful. Further, it requires an intercultural and empathetic approach and confronts one with own privileges and with difficult human circumstances.

We are especially happy about requests for a longer period, because it always takes some time until you have really settled.

 If you are interested in volunteering at our Daily Integration Center INTERGreat, please contact us. We are glad to answer your requests.

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